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    Toppi (Toppa) Family Origin

This site was created for my family, cousins, nieces and nephews and others interested in Lettomanoppello, Abruzzo, Italy.
NOTE: Some of the links are not available anymore and will try to update this one of these days....

It's been over 14 years since I started this site and I want to thank all those who visited it.

Just wanted to mention the Toppa Family Reunion was held in July, 2010.

You probably looked on maps for Lettomanoppello but couldn't find it anywhere.

Now is your chance to get a glimpse. Hope you enjoy your visit. For some facts about Lettomanoppello click here.

This lively Italian folk song takes awhile to load but it brings back a lot of memories...

c'e la luna, mezza mare-Click here to listen

Vintage Italian Jukebox Music no longer available

Below are some links to check out.

If you have any old Toppa pictures to add just let me know. Click below to email me...