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Making plans for the trip was very exciting. I knew what I wanted to do but the biggest obstacle was names and addresses.  I knew my Uncle Tony and John visited there in 1971 but they are now deceased.  Their children, my cousins, knew no specifics of the trip. 
As a last resort, I called my Father's cousin, Sabina.  The last of her generation here.  She invited me to visit with her and she told me stories of her childhood in lettomanoppello.  Her mother, Olympia, my Grandmother's sister, corresponded with relatives there but unfortunately none had been saved.  She did have some photographs that my Uncles took on their visit but nothing on them to identify the subjects in the pictures. 
Uncle Tony's daughter, Anna, surprised me with his Italian birth certificate.
With copies of the photos and birth certificate, myadventure began to take shape...
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